The drive shares the same internal components as the DD, but its firmware is upgraded to support 8x DVD-R burning. At present the company is awaiting for approval of the double layer format for DVD-R from the DVD forum before proceeding with the production of the respective media. The company also provides a complete range of products for professionals, corporate and small businesses, as well as a set of developer tools known as Authorscript. Philips uses a single laser diode for recording on the two layers. Hi, I’ve got a rather simple question, but I still want to know it: The drive uses Mediatek’s chipset. Any part of the disc that is not been recorded on, must be “de-iced”, ie filled with dummy data, which is similar to formatting a hard disk for example.

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The BenQ DW incorporates the latest EFM Frequency Divider mechanism that allows high data frequency to be transmitted to the OPU without the loss of partial signals, delivering stable writing quality at high recording speeds. In dula applications, UDO features a unique direct overwrite capability, doubling rewrite speeds by eliminating the need for a dedicated erase pass.

In addition, the data-to-clock jitter is less than 9. Aoppen dvd in question is home-made, if it matters Well, that’s about it. The recorded disc akpen then played on a standard dvd player for confirmation, where both layers were read without problems.


The company is currently developing its technology for writing on two layer DVD media but the implementation in hardware is expected by the end ofwhere the DVD-Forum is expected to approve Pioneer’s proposal.

Supported CDROM Recorders and CDText support

The design is very clean and is a marked change from the overly cluttered packaging we have become used to on virtually all manufacturers media packaging. In addition, the first layer requires the use of a transparent thin metal layer that will allow the light beam to penetrate onto the second layer without affecting the first layer.

Your name or email address: Ahead’s Nero is one of the candidate packages, without however final decisions having been made yet. They have developed their own dye, di-pyromethene which is used in the colouring layer during the manufacture of the media, having licensed the original technology with exclusive rights from Mitsui Chemicals. As the photo above shows, the media format is clearly discernible, as are the capacity and speed markings. Some will, some won’t. No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: The capacity and price of these special towers are beyond the normal user’s imagination. The drive shares the same internal components aaj the DD, but its firmware is upgraded to support 8x DVD-R burning.

I would say no The PXA uses Sanyo’s chipset. Already have an account?

Turn off the Ad Banner. The upcoming DD will be available by July. Blue laser technology offers 30GB of storage on dual face, single layer, mm, cartridge contained optical discs. More information about Philips technology is available here.


List of Supported Drives

Physically this is not aah case however, and this poses a problem when part of the disc is left unrecorded. The company is planning to release it in June. Visitors had the chance to see the new external drive playing a HD video connected to a plasma screen. The layout itself will be consistent across all CD and DVD media, and will also use colour to help create product identities.

This also applies to dual layer writing, where part of the signal destined for the second layer fual absorbed by the top layer.

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The company’s top product is the DD For example, take a disc on which the entire first layer and part of the second layer have been written on. We witnessed a demonstration of a dvd video compilation written duwl double layer media which took a little over 39 minutes 7.

Some of its new products are illustrated below:. But we will have to wait for the first drives due somewhere around June.

DVD-R media capable of 12x recording.