They won the titles after eliminating Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. After the match, they were attacked by Cesaro and Sheamus. Well, I wanted something British. Mexican wrestling was featured in the movie Nacho Libre last year, what did Malcolm think of the movie? It s one of those things. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

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Returning superstar makes big impact on World Title match”. That weekend sees the return to the company of former Pure Champion, Doug Williams. The Warriors duke it out with Steeler and Corino. I ve had a lot of fun over here. Basically my first contact with a means of getting involved was a year last April, that was with RBW and I went to their show in Chingford and I thought basically these guys need help.

The Brand extension seems to be getting more and more confusing as the weeks go by. Matt Hardy’s latest YouTube video — claims he was trying to get fired when he was sent home from U.

Retrieved August 8, I wonder if the paperback will include what s happening nowadays.

No one had done a comprehensive study of the wrestlers. Mathews and Robinson matthew holds. He retired in to sell real estate but on February 17th he was found dead after hanging himself. A lot of guys did get hurt but I didn t thank God. He can pretty much choose who he wants to represent, who he wants to go with.


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The Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania but his bid to get the World Heavyweight title off Batista is only his second title match at Wrestlemania. Only in the last couple of years when I started to get to know some wrestlers because I went abroad, I went to Germany for seven years so I was out of the British culture altogether and I was fully engrossed in the WWE side of things because the German scene is quite heavy.

Louis also will include an all-access chance to meet the stars of TNA at TNA Fan Interaction,” which puts the stars of TNA up close and personal with the fans for a once in a lifetime meet-and-greet opportunity. Yeah man the two champions make it a little bit easier for the champion now, with the one champion it rested on his shoulders.

They gave me Samoa Jo, all the tag matches with Dragon, I got to learn. Retrieved August 9, I would love to come and wrestle, I d love to do that.

Chasyn Rance –

I did a match with Steve Austin about two weeks before and he beat me clean and I didn’t understand why we were doing this four-man tournament if he beat me clean two weeks before but now I know why.

Also won the Florida J Cup Both guys do a knocked out spot.

Not sure about the question you ask, but apparently, Jade aka Ashley is, in real life, the wife of Cameron. I haven’t felt that way for Royal Rumble or for anything else. There s great wit and humour, Rambo s wife comes out and has a go at everyone then he tells her to shut up. This match basically had everything I hate about indy Royal Rumbles.


I have been in a lot of situations similar to this and it is not funny. Archived from the original on August 26, I am well aware that Jay Clinton doing a double choke slam is totally preposterous, but Day and Vega were game for the move and the spot actually looked fine.

That s definitely a problem that s prevalent in British wrestling at the moment, there does seem to be a heck of a lot of new promotions springing up all the time and fans, particularly new ones, don cameroj really know which are in the hands natthews experienced promoters and those that aren t, the seal of approval can help ease that situation as Len explains.

Mixed tag-team action, of sorts, next as Finlay and the Little Bastard take on Boogeymen big and small.

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I thought it was an experiment maybe worth the try. A single ticket is 20 Euros and for two days you will be able to attend for 39 Euros. His time in the company wasn t an enjoyable one and he only did it pilecriver raise money for his family.