In some instances, a DMV Hearing Officer may require that a driver present a medical report from their primary care physician or other specialty doctor. We are ready to begin your defense NOW. The DMV has already begun the process of suspending or revoking your driver license. Any additional information such as the requirement that the driver file medical reports. Coming in prepared and being eager to introduce evidence the hearing officer did not expect is the way to save you sinking ship.

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Your ship is sinking and you only have 5-days to correct the problem. Remember, the evidence and information you present at the Priority Reexamination Hearing can make the difference between walking out the door with your driver license or calling a taxi for a ride home. The only difference is that a Priority Re-Examination must occur much quicker than what occurs in a regular Re-Examination.

Whatever the reason, the DMV has now focused on you and you must address their concern immediately or your driving privilege will be suspended or revoked. This type of hearing can be WON! When reviewing a case for Re-Examination, the Hearing Officer may priorkty that a driver participate in any one, or all, of the following steps: How honest the driver is willing to be.

Notice of Priority Reexamination – We Can Defend You!

Call us immediately dnv we can assist you in preparing for your Priority Reexamination. This is a simple process of reading letters off of a wall chart or from a vision hood.


Failure to appear will result in the suspension of their driving privilege until they do complete the process. This is reexamknation question, multiple choice test.

Notice of Re-Examination Appointment

The driver fills out the information on page one and then signs necessary releases for the DMV to receive medical information. The purpose of the Priority Reexamination Hearing is to allow a DMV Hearing Officer to determine if a driver should be immediately stripped of their privilege to drive because it is too dangerous to allow them to continue.

Perhaps the Peace Officer felt you demonstrate a Lack of Skill making it unsafe for you to drive.

The department learns that a driver has failed to demonstrate the knowledge to drive during a written test. The department learns that a driver has failed to demonstrate the skill to drive during a driving test. If the DMV receives information from any source that a person may no longer qualify to operate motor vehicles, the department is empowered to conduct an investigation to determine if there is cause to remove that person from the road.

If you are preparing for a Re-Examination or Priority Re-Examination, the process is exactly the same. California Drivers Advocates Limonite Ave. We will contact the DMV…. This is similar to those tests taken by a person who is applying for or renewing a driver license.

If an accused notcie is prepared to address each of these steps, they should perform well in a Re-Examination.


The DMV Hearing Officer is extremely powerful and holds the absolute discretion to take you off the road. California Drivers Advocates is your solution. The department receives a referral or report from ANY source that the driver may no longer possess the knowledge, skill or ability to drive.

Win a Priority Reexamination Hearing

Win a Lack of Skill Reexamination Hearing. If the DMV decides that a Re-Examination of a driver is necessary to protect public safety, the department is required to provide notice in writing to that driver. California Vehicle Code Section determines…. How can I prepare for a Re-Examination? At the Priority Reexamination Hearing most drivers will be directed to take a written test.


Notice of Re-Examination Appointment – California DMVCalifornia DMV Hearings

It is the stated duty of the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV to ensure the safety of the motoring public through education, monitoring of driving behavior, review and enforcement.

The secret to success is preparation — preparation — preparation……. What is a Priority Reexamination Hearing? If the DMV reexajination your Problem The department learns that a driver has had three or more DUIs. We are ready to begin your defense NOW.