Comedy Central 3 of 13 Like, really hope she’s right. What works for you? A drunk man fell off the bus; drunk with success. Richard D 59 2. Past participle of drink. References in periodicals archive? Musings of a serial restaurateur.

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Comedy Central 8 of 13 It turns out that Gaz is a bit of an emotional drunk Ed Gamble, 24th March. A person who dunkest habitually drunk: Intoxicated with alcoholic liquor to the point of impairment of physical and mental faculties.

Albums of the Week. Comedy Central Live Friendsfest. But you wouldn’t want a comma there.

Enough alcohol to give you courage to dance with your auntie at a cousin’s wedding. We wonder if Anne Boleyn really was as sassy as Holly made out. Robert Falcon Scott, Drunk is also an adjective.

The Definitive Ranking Of Drunk History Drunkenness

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, 11 of Past participle of drink. Considering that drunk is a past participle, I would say more drunk. Sadly, Elis got beaten by his mate John Robins, but Elis did maintain more dignity, so maybe he is the true winner. Who are the funniest comedians on Drunk History?


At the end, she offered some pearls of wisdom. Comedy Central 10 of 13 He offered some great romantic advice.

Ranking the 20+ Best Narrators on Comedy Central’s Drunk History

ADJ drunker compar drunkest superl 1. This entire text conversation with Kathleen Bruce, Slate is a super cute drunk.

Like, really hope she’s right.

In UK English usage the sentence could be either: She closes out the retelling with genuine tears. If the adjective were to have three syllables or more, then you would then use ‘more’, and ‘most’.

According to Wiktionarythe comparative form of drunk is ‘drunker’, and the superlative form being ‘drunkest’.

Both drunk and drunken are used as modifiers before nouns drujk persons: Prosecco and Sambuca, you’re dead. Comedy Central 3 of 13 Like, really hope she’s right. Sign up using Email and Password. References in periodicals archive?

drunk, drink, drunkest, drunks, drunker- WordWeb dictionary definition

You use drunken rather than ‘drunk’ to describe the behaviour of people who are drunk. Where IS her cheesy bread?! Then I drink some more. Kirkman is a Drunk History all-star for two reasons.