Message from the ECC14 general chair. Isaac Yaesh , Adrian-Mihail Stoica: Dependability analysis of fault-tolerant servo systems using limited integrators. Synchronization of nonlinear circuits in dynamic electrical networks. Trier 1 Trier 2. Robust decentralized guaranteed-cost control for interconnected power systems. Optimal control of shading system using Hybrid Model Predictive control.

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Observer design for a class of nonlinear systems subject to unknown inputs. Iman SabooriKhashayar Khorasani: Event-triggered observer-based output-feedback stabilization of linear system with communication delays in the measurements. Claudio AltafiniGabriele Lini: PetersenEhcc Dong: Design of control functions for an internet-based tele-robotic laboratory. CamachoDidier Dumur: Gain scheduled luenberger observers for microalgal cultures.

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A method to identify hybrid systems with mixed piecewise affine or nonlinear models of Takagi-Sugeno type. Computing reachable sets for nonlinear systems in presence of bounded uncertainties.


Identification of 2D Roesser models by using linear fractional transformations. Hongyang QuSandor M. Kamel BaibecheClaude H.

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Message from the ECC14 general chair. Output observer design for linear systems: MenonAlexandre SeuretChristopher Edwards: Synchronization of nonlinear circuits in dynamic electrical networks.

Guaranteed active fault diagnosis for uncertain nonlinear systems. Optimal control of shading system using Hybrid Model Predictive control. Economical and plant friendly input design for system identification. Robust explicit model predictive flight control of unmanned rotorcrafts: A new tracking control approach for 3D overhead crane systems using model predictive control. KurdyukovAlexey Ehcc. SharkhKen S. Roberto ZanasiFederica Grossi: Performance analysis and coherent guaranteed cost control for uncertain quantum systems.

Continuous-time model identification of wells interaction on the Hydrogeological Experimental Site of Poitiers.

Trier 1 Trier 2. Chaos in a fractional-order cancer system.

Nikolaos AthanasopoulosMircea Lazar: Esteban RoseroHerbert Werner: Decentralised stabilisability condition for expanded and contracted LTI systems euvc quotient fixed modes. Finite-time consensus of networked nonlinear systems under directed graph.


Probability of current state and future faults with partially observed stochastic Petri nets.

On efficient consistency checks by robots. Discrete-time network-based control under Try-Once-Discard protocol and actuator constraints.

Detection of aortic valve dynamics in bridge-to-recovery feedback control of the Left Ventricular Assist Device.