Its aesthetics, durability, and price impressed me. With notebooks few expect much when it comes to sound. I do not hear the popping noises plaguing other systems I use. However, the display is not bright enough for outdoor use in the sun. Gateway uses black, dark gray, silver, and blue to create a very attractive notebook. While in the future I may upgrade to an This is my only complaint with the ports.

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The hard drive is virtually silent. On my desktop I often run two windows side-by-side.

Gateway MT Review

On a full charge the battery lasts about three hours using the “High Performance” power plan. The MT feels rugged and durable.

Spend five minutes burning it at home. The MT is quiet. A thin pad lay between the keyboard and display to prevent scratches. Throw in an adapter. Keep your needs in mind when purchasing a new notebook. To raise performance on the fly Vista introduces Windows ReadyBoost. This is most noticeable on Excel spreadsheets when I change cell background colors. Opening “Start,” “Computer,” or an Internet Explorer window is instantaneous.


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Drivers & Downloads

Curious as to whether Aero affected performance I ran the benchmark with transparency disabled. I wanted to spend as little as possible without sacrificing a quality experience.

The MT comes bundled with programs galore. With fewer stopping points, Vista requires less time to install than XP. I do not notice light leakage.

The manufacturer determines in which country the item must be sent to for servicing. They are made of a shiny, black plastic that is pleasing to the eye but mg6705 to scratches. One clean install and the bloatware is gone. I gatewwy press extremely hard to see ripples on the LCD, leading me to believe the lid aptly protects the display. For extended use, I am confined to tables—still mobile, but not as comfortable as a couch or bed. And for my work audio is unimportant—enough said.

Drivers & Downloads

Gateway places their logo at the bottom of the display and in the middle of the lid. Home Hard Bluetoith Capacity: Powerful, but considering my needs I could not justify the purchase. As you know, many variables change depending on which power option you choose. Windows 8 Processor Speed: Using the Super Pi benchmark I calculated Pi to two million places.


Write Your Own Review. The image produced is nothing less than stunning. The underside, however, becomes uncomfortably hot.

After confirming the flaw they issued a replacement. This is nearly impossible on the MT