After a week of messing around with everything imaginable short of sending it half way around the world to the nearest Apple store, I tried your Terminal lines and the Mac finally booted after the update. Now I realized it was moving the files. Thanks a lot I lost about 2 days trying to reset, reinstall, restore the backup, etc. The only log I’ve been able to retrieve is the following, which is generated by the system after such crashes and mailed to Apple. How do I find the offending kexts and the apps connected to them? In other words, after each line or after the complete command? August 8, at 3:

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OS X El Capitan / Sierra / High Sierra Hanging on Boot [FIXED]

I had found my mid Appletymcdriver Pro essentially unresponsive after I accidentally left it sleeping for several days last week.

March 24, at 9: I updated to Mar 8, 9: August 3, at I have gotten a new hard drive, and i intend to re-install El-Capitan on the new hard drive.


Would I need to move the kext files back. April 23, at Hi Don, it sounds like something is recreating the problematic kernel extension when you reboot.

January 3, at 2: Thank you very much…. September 5, at 7: Finally after problems with every update since This solve me my startup problem.

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The Mac Pro with Xeon processor has Error-correcting Code Memory and the Hardware-assist needed to implement this error checking and correction on the fly. Re-installed the system 4 times on a Kingston SSD, and it worked fine but after a while it panics after a reboot.

May 27, at However I am quite new at this and I think I have messed up the steps. Thus every time I reboot the machine e.

This is what I got afterwards: I can get yosemite to install now. Maybe you have more detailed instructions?

April 5, at April 23, at 9: Mac OS X WildeAugust 30, in OSx86 December 5, at If you appletymcedrivre not have a Trusted Backup, stop whatever you are doing and make one. Panuc you so much. How you got any idea how to remove them permanently? Is it safe to put all kext file in a temporary folder just to see if the OS can boot?


OS X El Capitan / Sierra / High Sierra Hanging on Boot [FIXED] – Justin Silver

April 5, at 9: Just spent the last 4 days totally stressed out after Sierra I think you can edit the system path if you mount the drive in a specific way, but it looks like this might be the correct way to panjc it: But the proper procedure is to restart in Safe Mode which takes an hacikntosh five minutes to do its Disk Utility Repair Disk then login with your username and password even if you normally Auto-Login.

Check out the brand-new FAQ! Thank you for your help.