Mostly, they just inject bad things into the stream: Hard things are even uneasier. Stares at his wireless WPA router with concern. I returned the card and bought one that worked, and Atheros-based card. Not sure about other vendors, but anyone keen on Wireless MAC spoofing would probably just pick a generic chipset that did allow it. The adapter restart code checks if you wanted a custom mac, if not it reads the mac from the eeprom. It took me about a year to do it in in an assembly language for a new in-house designed minicomputer.

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Sign in with Twitter. Watching a guy giving a talk without shoes is one thing. In the past you could also use USB wireless adaptors based on a ,ac chipset – this was much cheaper than a genuine Airport for those olde CRT iMacs, especially as some of those needed an adaptor, too. Already have an account?


In fact, it is not unheard of for one man to write a small preemptive, multi-tasking operating system, including not only the device drivers but the telecommunications application software as well. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The cheapest solution for those is an Airport Express in bridge mode.

Otherwise, your points are good.


Unfortunately lack of WPA support means it’s only useful for toy projects or coffee shopsbecause there’s no way I’m running unsecure wireless at home. Maybe you have to whitelist your bios. I wrote a “driver” or at least a management module for the Gravis Ultrasound, including MIDI, because I iintel to turn an old computer into a music box. And the Apple-supplied drivers for the broadcom and atheros chips that macs ship with, simply returns with “not supported” when asked to send out a raw How do I tell if it’s half or full?

I bought a RaLink card that had a linux driver on the CD that could not be loaded, as it was compiled by a different GCC than my kernel was. Sign In Sign Up. Mac addresses are ridiculously easy to spoof.

Intel wireless ABG – Compatibility Query –

Check out our faq. It’s like saying you might as well use rot13, because anyone capable of breaking it would be able to break DES too.

Also a good way to get pre-Airport Oz online, ls At first I read it as ‘ GB Wireless driver’. I bought a couple of wireless USB sticks to bypass the unresponsive bg of my Dell. To be fair, he wrote a small, simple OS from scratch and a lot of people helped extend it into something useful. You need to be a 3945qbg in order to leave a comment. Not sure about other vendors, but anyone keen on Wireless MAC spoofing would probably just pick a generic chipset that did allow it.


Are you telling me this kid, who was 15 at the time, made this in his garage. AFAIK, most of the rest of the work in creating something one might reasonably call an operating system was accomplished by others, notably including Richard Stallman. I dealt with these when the rt??

We will now show that it is still possible to decrypt ps in a chopchop like manner and to send packets with a custom content. It could use some updating.

intel pro/wireless ABG | transformNews – OSX86

It’s worse when a C programmer attempts to code Lisp. I think from memory you can spoof MACs with older Intel firmware but more modern ones won’t allow it. I had tried setting up my laptop to be a hacknstosh but my wireless wasn’t supported. I know what I’ll be doing tonight! So, yeah, a good number of people have written an OS 3945abf scratch, especially if you consider things about as complex as MS-DOS ‘operating systems’.

Or sign in with one of these services. When I do, I usually get stuck and quit.