Alternatively, you could purchase either set or and supplement that with a USB IR tower, which can be indiviually purchased for relatively little online. Changing the RCX’s batteries within 20 seconds sounds difficult, but is actually not too hard with some practice. In my experience, programming an RCX brick is most easily done from a computer running Windows. If you know of any other resources that should be added to this list, feel free to let me know by dropping me an email. Building over multiple themes is my brick-philosophy.

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John Holbrook

NQC – uab most popular choice on Linux. It worked fine, except it could not find the correct drivers for the IR tower. Next ist Miindstorms — again very straight forward: Run the Virtual Box installer Double click on the downloaded installer to run the process. The later is much easier to use these days since most computers still have plugs that are compatible with USB1. RCX-compatible motors come in 2 shapes, which I’ll call “rectangular” and “cubic”.

The next mindsrorms came aroundwhen. When you do this, it will not yet show up in your virtual machine. Nice to hear that you got it working – there are occasional posts here asking for help getting RCX to play nice with modern operating systems and vice versa.

Sign In Sign Up. For this tutorial you will need:. Virtual Box is a free software to run virtual machines on any host computer. In the last step the installer will ask you to restart your computer.


One connects via a DE-9 serial port and requires a 9-volt battery, while the other connects over USB, and can get enough power from that so as to not require a battery. Also includes various command-line tools, including minndstorms ability to send arbitraty files and opcodes to the RCX, which can be useful for programming in some other languages and for general hacking purposes.

If you don’t already have an RCX, you’ll need to buy a brick and an infrared tower.

And since then a somewhat larger collection of all themes has assembled over the past 20 years. There are many others, but this worked for me. I searched for this problem as well and want to share my solution with you.

Lego RCX | eBay

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Register a new account. Phillip can you explain better? In the following years I stuck to VB6 … my fault, sure. If you’re new to Mindstorms, you’ll probably want to buy a set containing a bunch of parts. At least this is what I have learned from the internet after years of searching. This made the mindshorms cheaper to manufacture, because RAM was much cheaper than flash storage in the s.

ROBOTC also comes packaged with a pretty good Integrated Development Environment, and lots of help and resources are available to learn how to use it, because of the support for many popular educational robotics platforms. Put a PBrick from the list above into the IR tower range, a couple of inches away. However, if you’re comfortable with the command line and mindstodms you’re a linux user, you probably arethere are several choices.


Using your LEGO Mindstorms RCX on a modern computer | Christoph Bartneck, Ph.D.

Give your virtual machine a name and select WindowsXP bit as your Version. If you do I’ll put up an answer with the Linux info. Another problem you might encounter is that the cables used to connect the sensor and actuators to the RCX have become brittle and the isolation comes off easily. I had a cup of coffee, did some other things and when I came back, it successfully finished the install. For small, uncomplicated, or permenant projects, the low cost and relative simplicity of the RCX make it a good choice.

OK, I know, not everybody will be as excited as I am.

That will be part of the RIS setup wizard. And Yes I knowneither Microsoft nor any decent programmer will usbb this, in contrast.