The supplied fitting kit allows the focuser to be mounted at different distances from the telescope tube which will provide imagers with the low profile they need and observers with the higher profile for observing. Mini V2 and DRO dual port display controller specs: It is not a user installed item and does require sending us the focuser to have the stepper motor assembly swapped out. Adapter Barr and Stroud Berlebach.. For motor operation of the focuser, tighten the silver knurled ring.

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It too has a compression ring to give all of your eyepieces the benefit of compression mounting.

We recommend following products: Astronomy can be weird for a girl. Moonlite short 2″ focuser for Newtonian telescopes.

When I bought my 8″ SW P I originally had the Sky-Watcher supplied Crayford which worked well enough but I moonliet a bit picky if the truth be told and having seen a Moonlite moonliet at a star party resolved to have one as my Christmas present.

It is adjusted fairly tight at the time of assembly foocuser requires a little use to come up to peak performance. The drawtube has been polished to remove all machine marks and hard anodized resulting in the action having a super smooth feel. Shipping costs Moonlite extra long drawtube for 2. One of the great advantages is the units ability to handle almost any eyepiece small or large with focused real effect on its ‘feel’ as you use the unit to focus.

In this example, we would use FM to jog the focuser drawtube “out” to position With that said, try not to pick too long of a drawtube, pick just what is needed and no more. Alexander Pope wrote in his Essay on Criticism “Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, thinks what never was, nor is, nor ever shall be” But then he didn’t own a Moonlite focuser which is simply – poetry. The Moonlite never deviates from perfect centreing as you move the focus.


Reset all filter settings. The Moonlites fittings didn’t quite match perfectly to focussr holes left behind by the Sky-Watcher unit which required me to file two of the holes out to a slightly larger size.

MoonLite Focusers < Focusers < Telescope accessories

focuuser Drawtubes can be ordered in various lengths at the time of purchase and its one more reason why you should buy this kind of product from a dealer where you will get some advice and help.

The use of cookies can be switched off in your browser. MoonLite Focuser excerpt for Vixen Thread. Suitable for visual observation and astro photography. This is more for imaging than a visual observer but I thought it a feature worth having. With these adjustment screws, you can focuse the draw tube for the best possible sharpness in the field – very important for astrophotography.

Software / Instructions / Operation

The manual buttons on the controller have a fine and fast rate so it can be used manually for critical focus with out a PC if needed. Keep an eye on the log file for any issues. Run a lot of V-curves, delete the bad ones, save the best ones. The machining was perfection and the fit and finish moonliite simply amazing.


Drawtube collimation through adjustment screws of the ball bearing sets: For example, the entire checkout process from the shopping basket to the order cannot be koonlite out without cookies. You too will have to determine the spacing of your imaging train.

MoonLite Telescope Accessories – Downloads

The quality engineering of the Moonlite focuser really comes to the fore during collimation where, whether using a laser or a Chesire, you will find collimation is more consistent and easier to achieve as the dreaded focuser ‘slop’ fkcuser simply removed from the process.

MoonLite Reset all filter settings.

Both controllers have a remote temp probe so customers can use temp compensation operation in there ASCOM programs. Under the System Profile window, you can toggle the “Y” to “N” and watch what is does to your “Mean” results.

They are unavoidable for the correct functioning of our shop. The slip clutch system allows both motor and manual focus control of the focuser at any time.

See Video for Rotator installation: The focuser tension can be adjusted using some allen headed bolts under the focuser although I cant imagine many eyepieces would require this, even my 38mm Panaview which is a pretty heft unit at around 1.